Seafood Traders ships in excess of 80 tonnes of abalone products annually to markets in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the USA.

Abalone type: Blacklip Hailiotis rubra

Live abalone
Live abalone is the company’s flagship product. Following receipt from the catcher vessel the abalone are held in the company’s tank system at its facility in Cambridge, Tasmania. The abalone are held for an appropriate period to condition them for the journey to market.

Package size: 10kg or 12kg per box to customers requirements
Minimum order: 30 cartons (10kg or 12kg)
Order lead time: 7 days
Abalone size range: 450-600grams 600-750grams 750+

Shipping time:


Hong Kong:


USA West Coast:
our tank to your tank

20 hours

18 hours

24 hours

24 hours
Frozen Abalone
  1. IQF Abalone meat. Packed in 10kg poly boxes
    Meat size: 200-300gms, 300-400gs, 400gms+
    Minimum order: 100kg
  2. IQF Whole frozen abalone. Packed in 15kg poly boxes
    Sizes: as per live weight sizes
    Minimum order: 300kg

  3. IQF Par Boiled whole abalone. Packed in 15kg poly boxes
    Sizes: as per live weight size
    Minimum order: 300kg

All the company’s frozen product is processed to order. The abalone are harvested from the live holding facility and frozen within one hour. No mortality abalone are used for our frozen product.

Seafood Traders P/L also has the capacity to produce vacuum packed as well as dried abalone products.

To existing and new customers Seafood Traders P/L can provide consistent high quality product on a timely and reliable basis at competitive pricing. Our 14 years continuous experience in the live abalone trade under pins our reputation as suppliers of consistent quality product.

Key Personnel

Managing Director: Adrian Cuthbertson
Plant Manager: Tim

For information about our products and pricing please contact Adrian or Tim or sales department on 61362485739

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