Seafood Traders P/L was established on its present site in 1993. The company is involved in export seafood with live abalone being its primary commodity. Its principle and founder of this family company, Mr. Adrian Cuthbertson, has had 14 years experience in the live abalone market having shipped the first commercial quantities from Australia in 1988. Mr Cuthbertson has a total 30 years combined experience in most facets of the abalone industry from catching to farming and export.

Company Facilities
The export plant at Cambridge, Tasmania, has a holding capacity of 5,000kg of live abalone in 50 separate tanks. The modern facility has been purpose built to handle abalone from all parts of the state and allows for a range of conditioning temperatures. Six separate holding systems provides the flexibility to receive and dispatch live abalone without interruption to the conditioning process.
Seafood Traders P/L has its own blast freezing system capable of batch freezing IQF abalone in less than 45 minutes. The company’s freezer holding system caters for 1,000kg of packaged frozen product in various forms. Its recently completed process area also caters for par boiled abalone that is cooked to order directly from the live holding tanks.

Seafood Traders P/L is also a part owner of a 55’ catcher vessel that is used to fish Tasmania’s rugged west coast for abalone. The “Elena Rose” has been fitted out specifically for the transport of up to 4,000kg per trip of live abalone from the west coast fishing grounds to the company’s facility near Hobart. The company’s investment in the mother ship ensures premium quality product is available for its export market.

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